wee forest folk

Wee Forest Folk

Wee Forest Folk are more than just adorable little miniatures; they are the realization of a dream and the personification of true American ingenuity and creativity. Beginning back in 1972, Annette Peterson took her love of little woodland creatures and combined that with her love of art, creating a true American institution. Growing up in New York City, she dreamed of a day when she could have a quiet country life. When she finally moved to a farm in Concord, MA, her dream became reality.

Wee Forest Folk began as a small family company and it remains that way to this day. Annette is joined by her two children, Willy and Donna, who also take on the responsibilities of sculpting these miniature masterpieces. Each one is hand sculpted and then cast. Expert artisans then perfectly paint each one by hand. The designs have come a long way since 1972 and now include bears and bunnies along with the traditional mouse. They have also expanded their repertoire to include many different collections. Holidays, special occasions, and sports are just some of the wide variety of collections.

Wee Forest Folk also has a collection of limited edition mice that won’t be around for much longer. These amazing little collectibles are perfect for the collector in your life. You can even buy them for your children as a way to begin a collection, knowing that the Peterson family will continue this tradition for generations yet to come.

Keeping in line with the Peterson’s love of American ingenuity, they have forgone the traditional store and instead only sell their cherished collectibles through retailers like Toni’s Collectibles. And in keeping with their tradition of only providing the highest quality collectibles, Toni’s Collectibles is proud to bring you Wee Forest Folk and, in doing so, bringing you a piece of American heritage.