trail of painted ponies

Trail of Painted Ponies

Bred in Santa Fe New Mexico, the Trail of Painted Ponies started out as life-size horse sculptures for a public art project but soon took off to be something spectacular! Today display size figurines are available through reputable dealers such as Toni’s Collectibles, for everyone to enjoy. Horse enthusiast and collectors alike will be moved by the beauty and craftsmanship contained in every Trail of Painted Ponies figurine.

Trail of Painted Ponies believes in giving back and in an effort to honor horses, the environment, and our American history a percentage of every Painted Pony sale is donated to a charitable cause. The Painted Ponies collection as a whole has donated over $1 million in the past 10 years to various noteworthy charities across the world. In an effort to contribute the most they can, Trail of Painted Ponies has teamed up with well-known celebrities and established organizations. The line of celebrity designed painted ponies showcases the talent of Ms. Dolly Parton, Barbara Eden, Tony Curtis, and Ali McGraw. Proceeds of the celebrity Trail of Painted Ponies line goes to the charity of the designing celebrities’ choice. Our most recent partnership has been created with Horses4Heros, giving back to the men and women who make life sacrifices for our country. By purchasing a Trail of Painted Ponies figurine you are not only receiving the gift of timeless treasure but you help a philanthropic cause as well.

Each Painted Pony is a fine art collectable thoughtfully crafted by one of our master artist and designed to be of the upmost quality. The Painted Pony line up has created figurines for every taste, style, and desire – there is one for everyone to cherish. Choose from premade designs such as Native American History representations and folklore, patriotic displays, holiday celebrations, decorative designs, and other finely adorned tributes. For the more creative types you can choose to create your own Painted Pony. Trail of Painted Ponies has put together “paint your own pony” packages that you can design yourself or as a family. Get blazing with your own herd of Trail of Painted Ponies today!