tonner doll

Tonner Doll

Getting a Tonner Doll is so much more than just receiving a doll. It’s joining a worldwide phenomenon that is only getting bigger and better by the minute. It’s very unlikely that a collector will get just one, in fact, it’s almost impossible. These amazing dolls are all crafted into collections that are second to none in the world. These finely crafted dolls are all handmade and sculpted with the minutest of details given the greatest of attention. All of the clothing and accessories are specifically molded for that particular doll, making the fit and the detail the most extraordinary you have ever seen.

But a Tonner Doll is not just a doll, it is a recreation of history and culture. Each doll is an exact replica of the person it represents. Even the eyes and the cheekbones are meticulously recreated to provide an uncanny likeness to the star that it pay homage to. If it’s not in the likeness of a real person, then it has come straight from the creative mind of Robert Tonner. His passion for dolls has made him one of the most cherished and prolific doll crafters of our time. Each Tonner Doll is designed by him and faces his scrutiny. It must pass his perfect standards in order to be sold to the public.

The only thing more impressive than the artistry of the dolls is how fast they seem to disappear. Since each doll is handcrafted, they are all limited edition. Tonner makes a certain number and when they are gone, they are gone. This scarcity of the dolls makes them a must- have for serious collectors and fans of pop culture alike. Toni’s Collectibles currently has some of the most popular collections in stock. They know that each Tonner Doll is more than just a doll, it is an experience to remember.