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Steiff Classic Teddy Bears

There are few items in a child’s toy collection that are as treasured as a favorite teddy bear.  The importance of a teddy bear in a child’s life is one reason why Steiff teddy bears and stuffed animals are such a timeless favorite.  Their beautiful construction, their adorable designs, and their unmistakable personality makes it impossible not to fall in love with Steiff animals at first sight.  At Toni’s Collectibles, we have an incredible selection of Steiff animals to choose from, whether you’re looking for soft and cuddly teddy bears or an adorably whimsical Teddytaur.


If you know a teddy bear collector and are looking for the perfect gift, Steiff teddy bears are a safe bet.  Whether you’re choosing one for a special occasion, such as Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, or just because, you’re sure to find a Steiff that is just right.

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