Steiff Collectibles

Steiff has a legacy of providing high quality, cuddly plush animals that goes back over a century. Originally started in Germany, these amazing creations have been spreading joy to children and adults alike for decades and is still committed to spreading that same happiness to many more today. These amazing creatures come in a variety of sizes and animal types. From kittens to pugs, from dachshunds to rabbits, there is sure to be a Steiff animal that will capture your heart.

Although they originally began with a small selection of animals, they have now branched out into offering specialty bears, key ring bears, and even bears that are fashioned after beloved Disney characters. Their Candy Cane Bears are sure to delight as a present or stocking stuffer during the holidays. And they even have their own line of licensed characters for you to choose from.

Steiff has widely been regarded as the world’s oldest plush company and there’s a reason that they’ve been around so long. Their amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that each and every animal released is of the highest quality and is in all ways perfect. Much love and attention goes into all of the animals and characters, and that love is evident in the amazing quality of these animals.

Toni’s Collectibles is proud to be a licensed distributor of Steiff animals. They were even designated as a “Best of America” dealer by Steiff USA. Since Toni’s Collectibles only believes in selling the highest quality products, it’s only natural that they would take such great pride in selling the many animals and characters that Steiff has to offer.
These animals make wonderful gifts to your loved ones and children. But they are not just for children. Even President Teddy Roosevelt made sure he had enough to decorate his daughter’s wedding with them. These wonderful creations are sure to delight everyone, young and old.