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Robert Tonner Dolls

Toni’s Collectibles is delighted to offer Robert Tonner dolls to our guests. The award-winning fashion dolls and character figures are created to encourage folks to believe in the power of play.

Each doll is manufactured to exact specifications. Their clothes feature specially designed fabrics that are selected and lovingly fashioned to enhance their beauty. Established in 1991 by Robert Tonner, the Tonner Doll Company and its Robert Tonner dolls have grown into one of the most well-known dolls to-date. The designs of the dolls are always on the cutting edge and have kept collectors on their toes.

Whether you are searching for classic look-alikes or modern movie characters, you won’t be disappointed in our Robert Tonner dolls. These dolls are inspired by a passion for fashion- from little girl and classic character dolls that recapture the magic of your childhood memories to fully-articulated fashion dolls with elegant collections of costumes.

Tonner Dolls is headquartered in New York, the Tonner Doll Company’s high-quality collectible character figures and dolls include Betsy McCall, Effanbee Dolls, Tyler Wentworth dolls and fashions, as well as other character- such as The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Gone With The Wind, Chronicles of Narnia and more.

The Harry Potter features Ron Weasley at Hogwarts. In his unmistakable Hogwarts’ uniform stands 12 inches tall and features a brand new, highly articulated body with a specially sculpted hand to hold his wand, of course.

Tonner Doll’s lovers will also be excited to find Tim Burton’s Mallymkun the Dormouse doll at Toni’s and Fashion Zombies’ Decay and Decadence and Death by Fashion dolls both ghastly delights showcased in their undead demeanor dressed in unworldly ensembles that appears realistic in frightening detail.

At Toni’s Collectibles, you will also find other Robert Tonner Dolls- from Agnes Dreary, Dick Tracy, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Miss Piggy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man and The Lord of the Rings.