r. john wright

R. John Wright Collectibles

Since 1976, R. John Wright has created award-winning dolls, bears, and animals taken from classic children’s literature. Some of his creations include Winnie-the-Pooh, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Paddington Bear, Curious George and Thomas Nast’s Santa Claus.

These handmade R John Wright collectibles have been honored with a number of prestigious awards such as Doll of the Year (DOTY) award, the Golden Teddy award, the Dolls Magazine Award of Excellence, The Golden George Award and the Jumeau Trophy.

These collectible dolls and animals have been crafted in a number of limited editions by highly skilled artisans and under the direct supervision at the R. John Wright workshop in New York. Each design begins with the intense desire to watch a human or animal character come to life in the warm and tactile medium of wool, felt or plush.

Before the characters are sketched in the round to desired scale, extensive research is completed for the original source material which lays the groundwork for the designs. The sketches are used for reference for the clay sculpture. Once the contours are established, the clay sculpture is reproduced in hard modeler’s wax for detailing.

he clothing and accessories are specifically designed for each character using the finest all-wool felt materials- some are custom-made, custom-dyed and specially treated to be mothproof and colorfast. The hand cobbled leather shoes are made from top grade calfskin made to precise thickness. The mohair for the wigs are also custom-dyed.

In 2004, R. John Wright- The Art of Toys was published by Reverie Publishing noting it being the first fully-authorized comprehensive book on the work of R. John Wright.