Precious Moments Dolls

Toni’s Collectibles is proud to offer clients all over the world an array of characters among the collection of the Precious Moments Dolls. Created and designed by Sam Butcher over thirty years ago, the dolls immediately began to appeal to many children with the inspiration to celebrate all of life’s most memorable moments.

Originally opened as a greeting card and artwork gallery that featured drawings of tear-drop children inspired by Butcher’s Christian faith, is now known as the Precious Moments Country, Inc. where the dolls are still made by the inspiration of Sam Butcher and many are designed by his daughter and other family members. Today, recognized all over the world, with over a thousand designs, the Precious Moments artwork can be found in cards, clipart, posters, coloring pages, figurine designs, and Precious Moments dolls.

Included in the Toni’s Collectibles’ Precious Moments Doll collection are the classic children’s fairytale characters, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbelle, Kris Kringle and the ever-popular Wizard of Oz selection. The dolls are crafted with vinyl heads and hands and endure children and adults with their honest-dolly traits.

The Rapunzel doll represents one of children’s most favored characters. She is made of all vinyl, and features her ravished long blonde hair, braided and presented in a pink ribbon and intertwined pink and green rosebud trim. She is dressed in a stunning flowing gown, and sports a tall pink cone hat with green and pink streamers.

Wizard of the Oz collectibles feature the Tin Man Heart of Silver doll that emits the power to uplift and inspire the discovery of the love inside of each of us. His sweet face depicts homage to his quest for a heart and his discover that love was with him all along.

Toni’s has many Precious Moment dolls that are sure to delight and inspire your special soul. From Cherry Blossums, Dolly Daydreams to the ever spunky Fashion Diva- we have everything Precious Moment.