patience brewster

Patience Brewster

A descendent of the group that came to America aboard the Mayflower, Patience Brewster began her career as an author of children's books. She eventually shifted her focus to creating illustrations for greeting cards, which would soon expand into designing Christmas ornaments and other collectibles.

Patience Brewster took her ideas and her designs and established a catalog of products. Products sold bother through other companies and her own. Her whimsical card illustrations cover every holiday from Valentine's Day to Christmas, and many special occasions. Her paper products also include blank notes for non-specified greetings, journals, and calendars, all featuring her signature imagery.

Enlarging her catalog, Patience Brewster has added jewelry to her list of products. These sterling silver designs embody her art in a more tangible form. Prints of her work can also be found for framing and display.

One of Patience Brewster's most popular and sought after creations are her Christmas decorations and ornaments. Sold in dozens of stores and online, these ornaments depict festive creative in holiday gear. Known as her Krinkles series, reindeer, dogs, elves, religious figures, and other decorations capture the heart and holiday spirit of her devoted fans. Collections featuring nutcracker and nativity can be found for sale as sets or individually. There is also great demand for retired and hard to find figures. Many are still available through retailers or with some researching online.

The diversity and imagination of her creations is a trademark of the work of Patience Brewster. She has adorned her artistry on many other objects including stockings, candles, towels and, the addition of Halloween ornaments and decorated jewel boxes. Regardless of the subject, her range in the mellow use of color in her prints to the pop of pigment in her ornaments bring her creations to life. Patience Brewster's work exhibits fragility and beautifully detailed work mingled with the intricacy of design and craftsmanship. Her illustrations and other creations lend the observer a passport to another realm in which to view the wholesome and homey work of an inspired artist and creator that warms people's hearts and soothes the soul.