masterpiece dolls

Masterpiece Dolls

Avid doll collectors know the value of a finely crafted doll, and there is hardly any out there as finely crafted as Masterpiece Dolls. These amazing works of art are just that, masterfully crafted works of art that have an uncanny life-like appearance.

Sculpted by some of the top artists of today, these beautiful dolls are made using a variety of materials including: porcelain, resin, wax, vinyl, and vinyl silicone. These materials are manipulated in such an artful way that the end result is a doll that can almost pass as a real child. Even the joints in the arms and legs have been perfected down to the minutest of details, enhancing the realistic look of the dolls.

All of the Masterpiece Dolls are adorned with hand-sewn garments that have been meticulously crafted from the finest of materials. The faces have been by hand into the most adorable of expressions that will astound even the most prolific of collectors.

The most impressive detail about this collection is the fact that they have all be designed and crafted by the finest modern artists. Talents such as Camille Allen, Pamela Erff, Petra Lechner, Pat Loveless, and Denise Pratt are among the brilliant artists whose creations are brought to life in the Masterpiece Dolls. Even Ann Geddes, the most prolific baby photographer of our time, lends her unique talents to this amazing collection of dolls.

Toni’s Collectibles is proud to be able to offer this wonderful collection. Each doll is a limited edition and unique in its own way. The life-like appearance and exquisite craftsmanship will make the Masterpiece Dolls the pride of your collection and the envy of all who see it. You can see the entire collection on Toni’s Collectibles’ website. They only offer the finest of collectibles and the Masterpiece collection is truly the finest of the finest.