lee middleton dolls

Lee Middleton Dolls

Toni’s Collectibles is honored to be an authorized retailer of Lee Middleton Dolls. They are much more than a childish play-time doll, they are life-like collectibles. In production for over 30 years Lee Middleton Dolls have been nominated for numerous national awards. Lee Middleton Dolls are the industry leader in vinyl collectible baby dolls. The uncanny real life look of these dolls will surprise you.

Capturing the beauty and innocence of childhood, Lee Middleton Dolls have set the standard for excellence in vinyl doll collectibles. Each doll is meticulously sculpted by award-winning doll artists to give that one-of-a-kind look and feel you have come to love from Lee Middleton. Each Lee Middleton Dolls is designed with superb artistry. As a company Lee Middleton is committed to quality – adding the personal touch of a little Bible tucked into every order! Middleton Dolls are designed to look like real babies, their life-like attributes create a deep and emotional bond between every new “mother” and “child”.

Every Lee Middleton Doll is created to have its own personality and presence. With dolls ranging from newborn to school age (4+) no detail is overlooked. From the skin tone, to eye color, to whether or not your doll has freckles - every aspect of a Middleton doll has been thoughtfully chosen to represent the most lifelike construction possible. Lee Middleton Dolls also have their own furniture, accessories, clothing, and toys available for purchase to give your doll the most realistic environment possible. Isn’t it time you add a new Middleton addition to the family!