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Harmony Kingdom

Harmony Kingdom® is widely acclaimed as the home of the original box figurines. Harmony Kingdom's headquarters, Wimberly Mills, is located in one of the most beautiful rural areas in England, the South Cotswolds. Famous for its honey-colored stone cottages, grand manor houses, and impressive churches, the South Cotswolds setting has strongly influenced the development of the Harmony Kingdom line of figurines. The Harmony Kingdom figurines share the same reverence toward nature, feeling of antiquity, and subtle coloration of the place in which they are created. Harmony Kingdom® lines offered by Toni's Collectibles include: Treasure Jests®, the classic box figurines. A rare marriage of whimsy and elegance is embodied in this most celebrated line of riotous flora- and fauna-themed decorative boxes, offered in various sizes. Fantasy animals, such as dragon figurines, are also included. By the grace of a mad consortium of talented British sculptors, led by Master Carver Peter Calvesbert, Harmony Kingdom has created a renowned collectible line of truly functional keepsakes with a worldview unlike anything you've experienced. A number of these figurines, especially the more spectacular dragon figurines like Tamira's Treasure, are offered as limited editions. There are often minor differences between first issue Treasure Jests and later versions. If these differences are important to you, please email us, and we will tell you which version is the one we have in stock. Lord Byron's Harmony Garden®, flower box figurines Roly Polys™, rotund little box figurines named after those famous for living large NetsUKe™, a small collection of solid figurines Toni's Collectibles has achieved the status of Preferred Online Retailer, as well as"Royal Dealer" with Harmony Kingdom. We are also pleased to offer memberships in the Royal Watch Collector's Club. Please see also our Harmony Ball page. Harmony Ball, the parent company of Harmony Kingdom, offers Pot Bellys™, Jardinia™, Lynda™ Pleet Menagerie, Gigglees™, Chiming Spheres™, and Story-Time by Olszewski (Disney Showcase story page figurines).
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