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Cow Parade

Cow Parade figurines, produced by Westland Giftware, are based on a unique art exhibit that has been held in many cities since 2000. Cow Parade consists of life-sized fibreglass cows whimsically painted and decorated by professional and amateur artists. This exhibit has been shown in Chicago, New York, Stamford (Connecticut), West Orange (New Jersey), Kansas City, Houston, San Antonio, London, Las Vegas, and Portland (Oregon). Upcoming shows are scheduled for Auckland (New Zealand), Ireland, Atlanta, West Hartford (Connecticut), Montivideo (Uruguay), and Brussels. At the end of each auction, many of the cows are auctioned, with the proceeds going to charity. Millions of dollars have been raised. These beautiful and hilarious replica figurines have captured the essence of the original full-sized cows displayed in the exhibits. Handcrafted either in glazed ceramic or resin, these figurines display the quality and attention to detail for which Westland is noted.Some of the cows reflect the area in which the show was held--e.g., Beefeater and Bovingham Palace from the London show. Others reflect a theme--like the Wizard of Oz collection.
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