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Zawieruszynski Originals are the creation of Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski. Born in Poland, Zofia was educated at various art schools to broaden her talents in sculpting, costume design, anatomy, and painting. Heny completed similar schools studying painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. After marrying, they jointly opened a design business. In 1988 they moved to the USA, settling in Minnesota, where they continue to focus their attention on sculpting and creating beautiful, limited edition dolls, both vinyl and porcelain. Since 1995, Zawieruszynski dolls have won more than 40 awards, including numerous nominations for "Doll of the Year" and "Doll of Excellence." Six dolls from the 2004 collection have received such nominations. The Zawieruszynskis have created s line of dolls that not only excel in their beauty but capture the essence of the eastern European culture represented by their creators. Toni's Collectibles is very pleased to offer this line.
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