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The Doll Maker

The Doll Maker has gained wide acclaim for its magical collection of porcelain dolls. Linda M. Rick (see photo, above), who is the doll maker herself, explains that since she was a little girl, she has believed in fairy tales and far-away places where her dolls would come to life and play. She says, "It is the collectors that have truly inspired all the sweetness in my dolls, and I sincerely thank you for believing in my fairy tale." Besides the basic collection of porcelain dolls, The Doll Maker offers a beautiful line of vinyl dolls known as Lovee™ dolls, as well as a special collection known as The Doll Maker and Friends™. This collection includes the work of many of Linda's friends in the doll-making community, including Denise McMillian, Bonnie Chyle, Rose Marie Strydom, Diane Bucki, and Beverly Stoehr. In January 2006, The Doll Maker, working in collaboration with Lee Middleton's daughter, Brynn, introduced an exciting new line known as Lee Middleton Moments. These are based on the late Lee Middleton's original sculpts, with Linda applying her own special touch.
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