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Masterpiece Dolls

Masterpiece Dolls offers a diverse line of very limited edition dolls by award-winning artists. The line includes porcelain, wax, resin, vinyl, and vinyl silicone collectible dolls. Some of the currently-featured artists include: Camille Allen, Heather Boneham, Pamela Erff, Ellie Knoops, Petra Lechner, Monika Levenig, Susan Lippl, Pat Loveless, Sheila Michael, Denise McMillan, Denise Pratt, Cindy Rolfe, Dwi Saptono, Jeanne Singer, and Laura Lee Wambach.. Toni's Collectibles is pleased to offer the Masterpiece Dolls line.

Masterpiece Dolls combines the talents of numerous doll makers for an incredible selection of beautifully lifelike dolls, including a selection of adorable Anne Geddes dolls.  With adorable expressions, meticulously crafted clothing, and carefully sculpted joints, these dolls are a beautiful addition to any collection. 

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