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Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander® Dolls, manufactured by The Alexander Doll Company, are beautifully detailed collectible dolls to be treasured for a lifetime by children of all ages. Since their introduction 85 years ago, Madame Alexander dolls have come to represent the highest standard in the making of traditional collectible dolls.

The Madame Alexander dolls are manufactured with great care and attention to detail. Once the heads and bodies are produced from molds, faces are individually painted using stencils, spray bottles, and tiny stylists' brushes. Long strands of hair create the ultimate hairstyles. Even the dolls' tiny fingernails are not forgotten; each is hand painted with amazing detail. A team of seamstresses creates each exquisite wardrobe, and shoes are crafted by hand. Each of the Madame Alexander dolls truly reflects the artistry of a dream maker of extraordinary proportions.

Toni's Collectibles carries the complete range of Madame Alexander dolls, including the high-fashion Alex dolls and Cissy dolls.

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