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Lee Middleton

Imagine a doll so real in appearance that grown men send for rescue squads to "save the baby" from a locked car! Because of the life-like look and feel of the dolls produced by Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc., mistaken identity is a frequent occurrence. Lee Middleton dolls have been counted as "passengers" on airplanes, "rescued" from store countertops and adopted by many collectors as true members of the family. The late artist Lee Middleton, founder of Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc., developed her own techniques for sculpture and doll production. She introduced the "porcelain look" in vinyl collectibles and later created the first vinyl dolls to be considered truly collectible. Working from home, Lee began her doll-making career in 1978. As her company expanded, she remained adamant that each Lee Middleton doll bear the special, personal touches which set her creations apart, including a tiny Bible tucked inside. For nearly two decades, until her unexpected death on January 30, 1997, her superb artistry captivated doll collectors nationwide. Thanks to gifted doll artists like Reva Schick and others, Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Inc. continues to produce incredibly life-like dolls, which create intense emotional bonds between collector and doll. Toni's Collectibles is pleased to be listed on the Lee Middleton website as one of their ten recommended online retailers for Lee Middleton dolls.

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