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Heidi Plusczok Dolls

Heidi Plusczok has been creating beautiful, award-winning dolls for more than 25 years. Of her 2012 Collection, Heidi says: "Despite all of life’s turbulences creating my new collection of 2012 was once again a wonderful challenge and a great fun. The inspiration for the 2012 theme, Read Me A Story,  was born in the few calm moments I enjoyed last year with my granddaughter Paula. I used to read to Paula when she was little, now she is 11 and a beautiful and bright young lady who still loves to spend time with me. We very often take turns reading to each other. Sometimes we both pictured what the characters in the many stories should look like and this wonderful ritual gave birth to an idea that will bring back the magic of a childhood memory to you through the lively characters of so many stories." Her little characters of 2012 surged from stories and tales from all over the world. One dress will fly you right into Russia to Natenka in the tale of “Father Frost”. Another one will have you sitting in the Mongolian plains where Nara is waiting for the story “The Weaver and the Princess” to begin. Nara´s outfit is a typical Mongolian one with so much detail and very colorful.

The founding of a girls club by Hanni, Nanni and their friends at the boarding School is based on Enyd Blyton´s “Mallory Towers”. Claudine is a friend from France, Ellie is from Hong Kong, Jenny comes from the U.S. and Hanni and Nanni are from Great Britain. Together they are a lot of fun and very self confident young ladies.


You will see Sarah from “Princess Sarah” in an exquisite light blue dress with a gorgeous hat and Mary from “The Secret Garden” wears a green dream with lots of strawberries on a dark overdress. “Heidi”, “Peter” and “Klara” are so real in their typical Swiss outfits. The princess Lilli in “The Frog Prince” wears a green felt hat with flower applications and a beautiful princess outfit. “The Wizard of OZ”, “Pippi Longstockings” and “Little Mook” will set free some of their actors from the pages of these great books.

They capture just the right emotions of the story they have fallen out of, making it so easy to relate to the little girls and the boy wearing them.

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