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Adora Dolls Clothes

Toni’s Collectibles is the leading supplier of Adora dolls, Adora dolls clothes, costumes and other Adora doll accessories, including Adora doll bags and doll snugglies. In operation since 1997, Toni’s Collectibles has grown into one of the country's largest suppliers of dolls, teddy bears, and figurines. Check out our selection of costumes for your Adora dolls; they are sure to make you smile. We carry Girl Scout t-shirt outfits as well as adorable warm snugglies for your doll. Our costumes use all natural fibers and are made with the utmost care. Receive free shipping on all orders of $125 or more. Discover the joy that comes from owning dolls, bears, and figurines from Toni's Collectibles.
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