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Adora Dolls

For over 20 years, Adora Dolls have been making some of the best dolls in the world. They have a lineup that consists of adorable toddlers, cuddly-cute babies and stunning limited edition dolls from world class artisans. Each doll is full of heart and...Yours to Adore. Adora Dolls magnificent Limited Edition Collection, which the company considers their “collector dream dolls”, have been created and inspired from traditions and costumes the world over. Hand crafted, one-by-one with meticulous detailing, each endearing face has been delicately hand painted and each costume hand sewn, making these dolls a must have. The irresistible life-like toddler and baby dolls encourage hours of play...nurturing, sharing and growing together. From their sweet costumes with adorable details to their lovable faces, there is something for everyone to cherish for generations to come. These dolls will surely win your heart! Toni's Collectibles is pleased to offer the dolls from Adora Dolls...Yours to Adore.

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