charlie bears

Charlie Bears

The gift of a Charlie Bear is a great way to start a family tradition. Charlie Bears are high-quality teddy bears and other plush animals hand-crafted in Cornwall, UK. From the moment your cherished little tyke (or adult!) is presented with one of the unique characters, a lifetime of companionship will be born.

These luxurious figures are so well constructed it is not accurate to merely call them stuffed animals. They have been crafted from quality plush or mohair to last for years and years, becoming valued heirlooms as they are passed down through the generations to come. Each carefully crafted detail, from the meticulous stitching to the glass button eyes, melds into a distinctive personality for every completed character in the Charlie Bears collections. Their timeless heartwarming features beseech their new owner to become best friends. They are so adorable the attraction will be immediately reciprocated!

The choices are numerous so adding to a collection over the years or choosing a character for each family member will prove easy to do. So many choices may; however, cause a problem trying to make a decision! One method to help narrow the choice is to match the occasion to an available choice. For example, Travel Buddy is a plush bear that would make a perfect travel companion for a youngster spending the first night away from home or a college student headed to an international studies opportunity.

As the name Charlie Bears suggests, bears dominate the selections, but cute pigs, kitties, bunnies and even porcupines have cuddly representatives from which to choose. The animals are grouped into collections that have unique characteristics. The “Bearhouse Collection” is suitable for younger children because for safety their limbs are not jointed and each bear in the collection carries the name of a well-known British castle or house. Other collections have animals that are fully jointed and special accessories adorn some of the animals like Aphrodite. Aphrodite in the Isabelle Collection sports a hanging beaded belt and feathery wings. All collections feature characters with embellishments like organza ribbons, cords with bells, beads or collars that add to their charm.