byers choice

Byers Choice

There is something timeless and memory-provoking for many that collect or admire the Byers Choice figurines that have long been associated with the holiday season. These whimsical dolls have earned a place among many collections for their childhood remembrances as well as the sheer vulnerability of each expressive face. From the caroling-style figurines that have earned broad audiences of collectors for their holiday theme, to the themed dolls replicating pets, professions, or children, there are more Byers Choice figurines available than ever before for both serious collectors as well as those seeking sentimental gifts for others in their lives.

Many of us cannot look at these fine-crafted figurines and not be reminded of our own childhoods and memories past. When seeing the dolls unpacked and displayed during Christmas festivities, some may recall with fondness their own traditions growing up, when our parents would unpack and display their own Byers Choice figurines with pride and excitement. There is a tradition encompassed in each figurine that is not always experienced with contemporary, low-budget holiday decor. Some of these dolls have gone on to be considered valuable by collectors, and many have acquired valuation through the rare availability of specific models or the vintage make of particular examples. While these dolls are being made available through more venues and are garnering new audiences, the price continues to accommodate the budgets of even novice collectors or everyday consumers.

It is now possible to find some exquisite examples of Byers Choice figurines through online retailers, such as Toni’s Collectibles, that offer availability to those tha