adora dolls

Adora Dolls

Toni’s Collectibles is honored to be able to carry Adora Dolls and accessories. As always, Toni’s Collectibles believes in offering only the finest crafts and collectibles, made with only the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Adora Dolls are made with the highest quality materials. Their clothing is hand-sewn and the faces have all been painted by hand. These amazing dolls boast unique expressions that are sure to delight anyone who is lucky enough to receive one. Their craftsmanship is rivaled only by their creativity. There are dolls for almost every occasion you can think of. The Holiday Collection, the Girl Scout Collection, and the 4-Ever Friends Collection are just a few of the many varieties of Adora Dolls that are available at Toni’s Collectibles.

They even carry the amazing Limited Edition dolls that are handcrafted from around the world. These unique treasures are hand-made with materials from their homelands and are adorned with replica clothing. These Limited Edition dolls make wonderful gifts to the collector in your life.

Although handmade, Adora Dolls are made to be enjoyed. Your daughter, niece, friend or sister would all find endless hours of enjoyment with their new doll. And the amazing feeling you’ll get when you see their faces light up the first time they gaze upon their new doll is a feeling that you won’t soon forget.

Whether it’s the Mother’s Day Doll, the Wizard of Oz Doll, or the Lucky Leopard Doll, your gift of an Adora Doll will always delight and inspire joy and happiness. And don’t forget about the clothing and other accessories that you can get. These wonderful additions allow you to fully customize your doll, making it as unique as you are. An Adora Doll is a wonderful gift that will continue to bring joy for many years to come. Go online today and see how Adora can bring joy to the heart of someone you love.